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Empowering your Life with Clairvoyance & Spiritual Guidance

Do you need answers? Are you wanting deeper insight into your life & future?

Welcome to Clairvoyant4U Spiritual Services, where you can find answers to some of the questions about the challenges and lessons of your life. And where hopefully I can help you find the rest within.

John works as a professional, Natural Clairvoyant & Medium. He has been involved with the Spiritual, Holistic and Complementary field for over twenty years. John uses his intuitive skills and tools to provide you with guidance, healing and insight. His ability to do this work has been with him from childhood, as well as passed on to him by Ancestors on both sides of the family.

Are you looking for gentle and honest guidance?

Do you have difficult life circumstances that you want to change?

Are you feeling it's time to transform your life?

Or, do you just need more information about life?    

To book an appointment or for further details either email or call John on 01933-439655 

How many of you know what the difference between a Psychic, Clairvoyant or Medium actually is? Let alone what one can do to help you personally? 

I give you the information that allows you to decide which choices are best for you to progress in life. I do not, and will not, tell you what to do. A clairvoyant consultation should help you realise that you already have some of the answers to your questions, gain deeper insight on the ones you do not; and prepare you for what is yet to come. I only act as the interpreting mirror. A good reading should involve three things:

                   an open, honest, unbiased reader

              a client with an open heart and mind

              a bit of serendipity and spiritual synchronicity

What I have found is when people take the time, to work with their tools and gain understanding; they are more than happy to improve their lives. My greatest challenge is many people being unsure whether their issues are serious enough to be helped by a Clairvoyant consultation.


No-one's life has to be at that point of no return before they consider a reading. For more information about what is involved in your consultation please go to FAQs - What happens when you visit me as a Clairvoyant?

For further details either email or call me on 01933-439655 (between 10am and 7pm, Mon to Sat).


John also works as a professional Herbalist and Holistic therapist. For further information about consultations and therapies offered, please go to